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For countless times.. We regret the things we choose.
These things were right and true. It was our personal choices.
We chose them to save ourselves from everything, from pain and torture.
Months and years later when we are weak or feeling down, we think back as if we wish to take back whatever we throw away in the past. We look back at things we ran away from as opportunities we have missed.
We regret our decisions. We doubt our inner voice.The voice that chose to save us. To protect ourselves from everything

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I did this once. I was working in travel company. I was the best salesman in the group. I was made an idol for the rest of the staff.
For many reasons. I begin to feel depressed and unhappy about my job.

I did not enjoy my life. I decided to drop out and resign. My boss was so angry when I told him I was leaving. A year later I dropped out of the company.

I found different job that provides what I was looking for. Then the previous travel agency contacted me back offering me to work with them again. When I first heard the idea my heart begin to beat fast. It was so overwhelming.

I told my friends about it. They asked me to go and take it back.

She knew very well that I wasn’t happy about it. She kept insisting that I go ahead and take it. I told my coach too. He didn’t say anything except he gave me the chance to choose what’s best for me.

I went to meet my ex boss again. I took the job as branch manager. It was a bigger responsibility as I thought it would be. I struggled a lot handling all the tasks. I felt depressed again. This time, I was also angry from all the frustrations I faced. 8 months later. I quit, again, taking 2 lessons with me:

  1. Never ever go back to previous marriage/ relationship/ job. You left for a reason.
  2. Trust your inner voice. Your judgment and your own decision-making. You are the only one who knows what’s best for you.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

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