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It’s Okay!

It’s Okay

Are you studying a course that your parents forced you to take? It’s okay!  Just make sure you work doing something you love to do.

It’s okay to be late in meeting, and learn how to respect people’s time and apologise.

It’s okay to argue with someone, because that’s when you learn a new perspective.

It’s okay to lose your job, but don’t apply again in the same company.

It’s okay if your partner broke up with you, at least you know the pain of being left alone.

It’s okay to keep praying that you feel no one is responding to you, that’s God’s way of teaching you how to be patient.

It’s okay to be in debt after your degree, but don’t pursue your Masters borrowing another loan.

It’s okay to lose your friends, you will eventually end up with the right ones.

Everything is going to be okay. Just keep going…

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