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No one can see through your lens.

We always wonder why our parents or friends don’t understand us

We keep explaining to them as many times as we could, explaining things clearly, trying our best to make them look at things we are passionate about or people that we believe in.

But they just don’t see it the same way.

It makes me wonder, what is wrong with them?

Why can’t my dad appreciate my charity work?

Why can’t my friends understand that my body cannot accept eating fast food?

Why is everyone telling me not to don’t drop out from my Ph.D studies when I tell them happily that I do?

I’m sure you also been in the same situation. You see amazing things or you believe that someone can do amazing things, but when you tell someone about it, their response is nothing but just, “Meh.”

They can also disagree with you. Then you become irritated that you told them in the first place.

Do you really think they are right?

Or you think that you should have just kept it to yourself and only share it with those who really believes in you, or someone with the same mindset.

I know this gives a lot of feelings of self-doubt and we are often left confused.

We really feel like hearing a voice inside our heads telling us yes go and do it. It’s better for you. Everything  is going to be all right just do it!

This thinking made me want to share it with you.  What do we do when we feel self-doubt? Especially from those who are close to us like our parents or partners?

Do you really think they are right? Or they are not wearing our eyes to see our own picture of the world?

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