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Change is Painful Sometimes


An old error is always more popular than a new truth

German Proverb

Making difficult changes is painful but the pain is far preferable to the agony caused by the inevitable outcome of our old mistakes.

We often feel uncomfortable with the new changes because it causes us to reach out and expand our vision. To take risks and believe in new ideas, dreams and goals. This may be painful and we don’t like the pain that comes with change. That’s why most of us like to stay where we are. We don’t like changing jobs, moving to different places. We want to stay in our comfort zone. It’s more safe, quite and calm. We like staying where we are because we feel we are in control of the future. We are control of everything may happen. That’s probably the reason why the majority of employee are relaxed and calm during the month because they trust their salary will bank in in the end of the month. While CEO and managers are running crazy to increase sales and profit.

Say after me: I am reaching and embracing the new even though it is sometimes painful for a while.

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