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Hope and Pride

And nothing to look backward to with pride,
And nothing to look forward to with hope,
Reoer Frost

Hurting ourselves or others can easily lead us to lose our pride and hope.
Often our lives seem poisoned at the very source. We can’t remember a time of innocence, joy or confidence in ourselves and our relationships with others.

Perhaps we were hurt too as children. We may feel unsure of our boundaries, and view the future with anxiety and dread. Will nothing ever change?
To go forward we have to admit that we are powerless to undo the hurt of the past!
And we learn that we can no longer go it alone; we have been alone too long. We need to overcome the past and turn toward the future with growing hope and trust. And then the present, like the New Year, becomes filled with promise.

Say with me: By accepting that our lives have been unmanageable and by turning to our Higher Power, we find new pride and hope in our daily lives.

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