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Can Men Hold Each Other?

I’d never seen men hold each other. I thought the only thing they were allowed to do was shake hands or fight.

Rita Mae Brown

Many of us, perhaps men more than women, have grown up without knowing the warmth of lovingly touching one another.
Some of us had fathers who trapped themselves in the a stereotypical male role, afraid to hold us and show their love for us.
We may have learned to be independent, competitive, and separate. We often fell into awkwardness and isolation. As men especially, we
became afraid to reach out, hug, and hold someone of our own sex.

Whether male or female, so many of have lost touch with ourselves and with others. We have been alone too long.

One of the really healthy things about building relationships with friends and family members is the custom of holding one another giving hugs.
At first we may find it embarrassing and keep our distance.
But as we learn to loosen up and reach out, we look forward to the warmth and strength that comes from giving receiving a friendly, caring hug.
It is good to learn to touch in a fearless way.

Say with me:
I am glad to be in touch with other people through hugging and holding.

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