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Humankind owe to the child the best it has to give

Humankind owe to the child the best it has to give.
United Nations Declaration

We need to be committed to fix ourselves, but there may be others in our lives for whom your change is also vital;
our future children, for example. Our children starts to change the same day we do. No matter what our family’s past has been, when we change, we know we have broken the cycle
of bad habits we learned from our parents and previous generation not only for ourselves , but for the children we cherish.
Our children can grow up healthy. They’ll have a greater opportunity to flourish in the love and new way of life we are learning. To see them serene and reaching their potential can be one of the happiest gifts of our recovery.
Say with me:
God, with you help, my children will shine like the sun.
Please hold them today in the palm of your hand.

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