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My Past Hurts So Much

This cup holds grief and balm in equal measure. Light, darkness. Who drinks from it must change.
May Sarton

My past hurts so much somebody used to say. As normal people, we understand how he feels.
Our struggle to give up on recalling bad moments in our past is ofter difficult and can seem overwhelming at times.
Yet, we’re doing the asking; we’re challenging ourselves to change. We must never give up hope. We must hang on, even when it’s so hard we don’t know how we’re doing it.
Living day, even an hour, at a time can help us make it through.
We’re not alone. We have our Higher Power. We have the supper of friends and family members, with all the love and understanding they so freely share.
Say with me: To give up on the past is to be willing to go to any lengths. I know I can do it

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