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Are you a creator or user?

Man thinks of himself as a creator instead of a user, and this delusion is robbing him for the earth.
Hele Hoover

Sometimes, in our grandiose view of ourselves and our world, we think we have all the time and space we want to do our will.
But in reality, our resources are limited, and already we are losing needed material and precious species that will never return to our planet.
Let us remember we are here only for a short while, but others will come after us.
We need to take care of our earth just as much as we need to take care of ourselves.

If we think only of our own pleasure, we are likely to become selfish and live destructive lives.
Those of us who are living in a selfish way may realize how much we squandered our energy and dissipated vital forces.
We tried to impose our wills on other people and used those who needed our love and trust.
We thought we were little gods and that the world was here just for us.

Now we can learn to take care of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

Say with me:
It is good to be aware of all that is precious in our world, including ourselves.

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