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Why do I always think others are better than me?

Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure.

Wiliam Saroyan

In our life, we tend to think of other people as better than ourselves.
We are quick to admire, to idealize. We are convinced that good people are good because they are born that way. And we, of course, are rotten.
But goodness comes through experience, and experience includes setbacks and even disasters.

It’s not so much what happens to us as the way we cope that makes the difference.

What might be considered as failure can bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and other people.
Wisdom cannot be taught or transmitted; it comes directly from our personal experience in the world.
And there we learn that goodness is a value extracted from the ordeals and adventures along our
particular path. We can be quietly proud of our goodness.

Say with me:
I believe in my goodness and value as a member of the human family.

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