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Why you can’t let go?

Feeling is the inner life; expression is the outer life.

Alexander Lowen

There’s a connection between our ability to feel, our ability to express our feelings, and our ability to let go. There are probably many painful emotions we learned to suppress when were young, particularly anger or sadness. Other emotions might be difficult to feel because they’re connected to past, plain, especially about childhood.
Yet there’s no letting go, no moving on, until we stop trying to avoid feelings such a sorrow, anger, rage, or despair. One way to begin working through difficult feelings is to reach out to people with a phone call.Other ways are to write, have a good cry, plan a healing ritual, such as a couple days alone thinking. We can also remember to turn to our Higher Power for the spiritual help we need. The release within that comes from expressing our feelings will help ease the pain.
We can’t let go of the past all at once, but we can let go of a little piece today.

Say with me:
If I’m hurting today, I can reach out for the healing with others. I will give myself the compassion I would give another person who is suffering.

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