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It’s time to change..

There is plenty of courage among us in the abstract but not in the concrete.

Helen Keller

In our minds we are often the bravest people in the world and we daily do great deeds there.
Usually it is the grand gesture that captures our fancy and wins us great renown – in our imagination. And we wait for the day when we can prove our courage to the world.
In the main time, what about our bad habits? Do we continue doing it? Are we out of control?
Let’s take hard look at the things we can change in our life. We may not understand why we behave in such a way, but we know what we are doing is wrong and it has to change. Smoking, drinking, getting involve in unhealthy relationships…etc
WE want to integrate our honesty into the rest of our lives and not have it split off and ruining us. That is something where courage is needed – and needed every day.

Say with me:
I want to focus in my own bad habits and apply courage to the daily steps to change it.

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