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Life isn’t for us or against us.

The handwriting on the wall may be a forgery.

Ralph Hodgson

Too often we are superstitious and interpret signs in negative or hostile ways.

Because we don’t believe in ourselves, we tend to think that fate is against us.

But life isn’t for us or against us. If we are attentive we will see many signs of promise during each day.
Signs of promise, signs of goodness, signs of beauty.
And if we trust ourselves and our Higher Power, we will know how to interpret the world and use it to do good.

Sometime we may be unsure of our next step or even our general direction.
If we are patient and alert to the world around us, we will pick up hints and clues that will help us on our way 0 a friend’s telephone call, a warm hug, a chance encounter, a job offer, a word of advice from loved one.
When we are ready, we’ll know how to respond and what to do.
One thing we are learning to be sure of in the world of signs, we are not alone.

Say with me:
I don’t want to believe in a hostile fate. The world is good and I am finding my way in it by being patient and learning to read the signs.

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