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Should you enjoy being alone?

God delays, but doesn’t forget.


Spanish proverb

It’s frustrating to get sick, lose a job, or encounter financial setbacks.
We suddenly feel curtailed, with the rhythm of our lives changed in a way we never anticipated. But our Higher Power slows us down for a reason.

There can be gifts in adversity. They can provide us with time alone, time to think. Being alone gives us the chance to find ourselves in a new way.  We may be surprised to find inner resources we didn’t know we had.
A period of waiting through adversity can also turn us to God when the solace we need is beyond the capacity of people to give.

It’s challenging to be able to do nothing when the world tells us that we must always take action.
When action isn’t possible, accepting the circumstances of our lives enables us to experience the value of being, rather than doing.

When some part of my life is beyond my control, I can be patient and simply wait. Inaction is not necessarily inactivity.

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