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Why we wish to become someone else?

Love your self’s self where it lives.

Anne Sexton

How often we have wished we were someone else, anyone else, rather than who we are?
If we’re intense, have longed to be calmer? if we are introverted, have we dreamed of being extroverted?
The truth is that there is no such things as “normal.” Each of us is special; we have the potential within to realize our unique destiny.
The infinite growth of which we’re capable comes from qualities we now possess.We can change ourselves, but we can never put within us what simply isn’t there.
Try to do so is perfectionist and will focus our energy outside ourselves, which can trigger our addiction.

Instead, we can learn to be directed by what is inside of us.
We can appreciate and love ourselves as we are choose people in our life who do the same.

Say with me:
The more I appreciate the mystery of who I am, the less I’ll wish I were someones else.

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