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Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself?

I look in the mirror through the eyes of the child that was me.

Judy Collins

It’s been said that the primary task of a parent is to awaken the spirit of the child.
Many of us were raised by parents who did anything but that. Indeed, their actions may have broken our spirits.

As parents ourselves, we have another chance. We have a child within us who remembers pain that a child should never have to feel.
And we have a child inside who remembers innocence and joy. The view of the joyful, innocent child is the gift our children.
We can give them the gentleness, respect, and empathy they deserve.
We do not live through our children; they are separate people with lives of their own.
But we can awaken their spirits by showing them the unconditional love that we feel for them and that they log to receive from us.

Say with me:
When I treat myself well, I’m able to treat my children well.
I am learning to give myself and my children the care and understanding needed to nurture our spirits.

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