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Can you move on from the past?

I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of.


Many of us are aware that we no longer wish to go on being the person who do bad habits.
We flee that person who we know is destructive and self-absorbed.
We are turning against that automaton.
We may not know exactly what we desire all the time, or who we wish to be.
In any case, we’ve learned there will not ever be a fixed and final moment that provides the answer to our search.
What matters is that we are moving away from destructive habits and disheartening patterns.
We are learning to listen to others and to our own inner voices. We are on the move.
We do not have to have a rigid plan to continue along the path of changing and the joy of a new life.

Say with me:
In turning away from my old habits, I see the amazing possibilities of a new life to be lived.

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