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We’d Rather Be Right Or Loved

I have never, in all my life, been so odious as to regard myself as superior to any living being, human or animal.

Edith Sitwell

Would we rather be more right than anyone else? The desire to be right, born of perfectionism, pride and fear, can trap us.
We find ourselves making untenable choices: we’d rather be right – even if it means risking a friendship.
We absolutely know we’re correct – to the point of alienating our boss. Or we
refuse to admit we’re wrong – even if we hurt a loved one. We’d rather be right than be loved.

A rigid need to be right is really self-righteousness in disguise. What we sometimes call “standing up for our principles” is really inflexibility.
It is a relief to leg to of the search for the one right way to do things. Suddenly, we find ourselves noticing what we share with others instead of our differences.
Listening with an open mind and lessening our stake in being right automatically brings us close to other people; it takes down yet another barrier.

Say with me:
I’m noticing when I need to be right will help me become aware of my own self-righteousness. Not being right doesn’t mean I’m weak.

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  1. Keep going!
    So relatable words! Loved it.💯