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I just find I’m pretty NICE to be with

I never found the companion that was companionable as solitude.

Henry Thoreau

There will be times when we find ourselves alone, despite our best efforts to reach out.
That’s often when we most need help, and it’s usually when nobody is home or it’s the middle of the night.
The reality of being alone can lead to panic and to the belief we will be alone forever. But after the initial fear passes, we need to believe we can take care of ourselves.
We have many more resources in us than we may realize.

If we ask ourselves what we really need, we’ll find an answer.
It may be a walk, doing the dishes, sitting down with our own journal, or praying. It may even be finding the courage to experience our feelings all alone and let go of the outcome.
The voice that tells us we can’t manage alone will have its say, but it can’t run the show.
Our inner voice, by which we know what’s best for us, is doing that.

Say with me:
If I am unable to be with others, I will accept that and be with myself. I may just find I’m pretty nice to be with.

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