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Are you the same INSIDE as you are on the OUTSIDE?

We live each day with special gifts that are a part of our very being, and life is a process of discovering and developing these God-given gifts within each one of us.

Jeanne Dixon

Everyday, we discover ways to share ourselves with other people. We feel the desire to act on things we’ve learned and to apply them in our relationships.
This way, we can pass on to others the awareness and knowledge we have been given.
This wonderful urge to take action should followed, not resisted.
When we discover our talents, whatever they are, we will be true to them and look for opportunities to use them.
The challenge of doing this lets such qualities as integrity, courage, self-discipline, and compassion rise to the surface, where they become part of our daily practice.
The alignment of who we are on the outside with who we are on the inside is priceless gift of self-connection.

Say with me:

My self-connection gives me great joy. I will share that joy with others today.

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