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If you are feeling lonely or unwanted you have to understand it’s not about you being unwanted.

It’s just that you are unmatched which means we as human being.

We are complex individual. There is a lot of caveats and nuances to each of us.
You are not just someone who could be just match with anybody. It doesn’t work like that.
Because you are human and humans are unique.

I know you see a lot of people settle for whatever they can get.
But you are not willing to settle so when you’re not willing to settle. It’s going to take longer because you’re unique and you need somebody who is unique as you.

Nobody will love you for who you are. Meaning in your settled complacent state.
People want to love you at your best you. The more you add to yourself, the more attractive you become.

When you work on yourself, when you build yourself.
With everything you add to yourself, language, muscle, skill, or course you are adding value.
When you add value you increase your opportunities in every aspect in life.

Know who you are. Know what you bring to the table.
You don’t have to beg nobody to love you.
If they can’t see who you are or and what you bring to the table. Keep it moving
God got something better for you.


Say with me:

I am blessed. I am worthy. I am more than enough.
I have work I have prepared, and I am ready to receive.
My husband/wife is looking for me and today is the day I’m going to meet him/her.

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