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HOW to make the right DECISIONS?

In the important decisions, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature.


Sigmund Freud

We make decisions all the time, and everyone, large or small, changes us.
Since change is frightening, making a decisions can be frightening too.
We can make the process easier by asking ourselves the right questions:
“Do I really want to do this?”
“Will it benefit my life”
“Does it match with my values?”
Such questions help us know our true feelings, which are the most important part of any decision.
Wrong decisions are often made by focusing on external things:
“If I do this, it will please my parents.”
“I’m doing it because I want excitement and intrigue.”
“I’m in it for the money.”
“I want the power and status.”
“Maybe I’m running away from something I don’t want to face- but so what?”

It is important for us to avoid impulsivity and all or nothing thinking.
We can take our time, and talk our feelings though with our friends, and try to see the bigger picture.
If we are still unsure of the right thing to do, we can ask for our Higher Power’s help, decide, and then trust the outcome.

Say with me:
The only wrong decision is one made for the wrong reasons.

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