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Give And Go

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

Emma Goldman

When we give gifts, we may think that if we don’t give something extravagant, we’ve failed. It’s diamonds or nothing. But we may be just using this as an excuse.
We know we can’t often afford diamonds, so we don’t bother giving anything.

In giving, what matters is giving; the gift itself is a token of our affection, our caring.
People like to know we are thinking of them and are concerned.
Sometimes as a card bring us as much joy as necklace.

As we emerge from the isolation of our lifestyle, little acts of kindness and love become all the more meaningful in our lives.
We need others to care about us and show their affection and concern.
When we remember to think of others, we expand our awareness and stay in touch with the world beyond us.
And that’s what a big part of our new lives in recovery is all about.

Say with me:
I am a giving person able to show people I care about them.

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