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Every child is an artist

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up.

To be an artist is to be turned in to and turned toward the new, saying yes to life in all its diversity and richness.
Healthy children face life with openness and creativity.
They make things, play, make, believe and create a world of beauty and delight.

Back to the spontaneity and newness of our childhood. There may be shadows and even darkness to overcome, but if we are brave we can rediscover that childlike energy and freshness.

I see that on myself as it’s not easy to show the child within me to everyone.
It feels like i’m walking on the street and hugging a baby to save it from any unexpected accident that may occur.
On the other hands, I always use this child when I needed to. To make right decisions, to help someone in need, to focus and to stop myself from doing stupid things.

Say with me:
I am glad to be getting in touch with the creative child who is still alive within me.

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