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Owning less is better than owning nothing

I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.

Persian proverb

When we are locked away in the loneliness and self-pity that comes with our pain, we often exaggerate our misfortunes. In our solitude we feel we are unique in our troubles and unhappiness, and that there’s no way out.

But if we open our minds and hearts, we will find that there are many people whose lives are filled with real hardship and pain. Yet, many of the manage to be cheerful and loving. They may be poor, handicapped, or bereaved, but they daily show courage and have serenity in their lives.

Every day, we meet many whose lives have been blasted at the root by neglect, abandonment, or abuse. And yet they have left behind bitterness and anger and grown into healthy, kind people. When they take time for others, they give us some of their courage and affection.

Say with me:
I’ll remember to give thanks to the people in my life who nourish my health and my spiritual development.

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