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What happened in our childhood?

Even the cry from the depths is an affirmation: Why cry if there is no hint of hope of hearing?

Martin Marty 

What happens to a girl who doesn’t get the help she needs from her parents? 
What becomes of a boy who reaches out, time and again, to parents who don’t respond to his needs?
What kind of life awaits the victim of childhood sexual abuse who has no one to turn to for help?

We know some of the answers to those questions because, for many of us, our childhoods included suffering alone, in silence. He was asked for, but never received. Trust was betrayed when we reached out. 

We can’t condemn ourselves if we have a hard time asking for help. 
But remember. Healing is a process; trusting is a process; risking is a process. We can reach out only as much we are able to this moment. 

We must trust those who loves us, over time, our sense of dignity and clarity will reestablished. Day by day we will find ourselves better able to ask for what we need. 

Say with me:
My wounds from the past don’t have to be fully healed in order for me to start a new 

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