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How to deal with personal problems?

“In an honest man there is always something of a child”.



Why is it that sometimes we can talk about a problem and still not feel better?

Usually, that’s a sign to keep talking. As we go through a self-discovery process about something that’s bothering us, it’s possible that we have left our important information. Or we might not know how we feel – the words are there, but only on a rational, intellectual level.

The hurt, sadness, anger, joy, or resentment are missing. Maybe we haven’t been able to admit our feelings even to ourselves.

That can be the hardest part of working through a problem, even harder than being honest with another person.

To be comfortable enough with our feelings to always know how we feel is a lifelong process, and one we will never perfect. But we know that the more honest we are with ourselves, the more accepting we’ll be as well.

That’s a gift we can give ourselves every day.

Say with me:
Today I will allow my feelings to guide me to be more honest. I no longer have to keep secrets from myself or others.

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