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Why you should speak up?

Speech is civilization itself.. It is silence which isolates.
Thomas Mann

Often, when we’re tempted to go crazy, we find that speaking to another human being breaks the spell of our obsession and returns us to the real world.
Our craziness thrives on secrecy and a trance-like silence, and on the lack of communication and constructive criticism from other people.
Now we learn to find words that express our hurts, our solitude, our anxiety, and our degradation.
We may go back deep into our past and talk things over, so that they become seen and heard by ourselves and others.
Language brings things out into the open. Words can be revealing, persuasive, and healing.

We need to talk- to talking about things, to talk things over, to talk things out.
Through speech we relate to others and become part of the human community.

Say with me:
I am finding words to put me in touch with myself and make contact with others.

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