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What is unconditional love?

To love without criticism is to be betrayed.

Djuna Barnes

We talk about unconditional love, and we may think it means love without hassle.
But where there is real love there is going to be conflict, because that is part of being truly human.

When someone we love criticizes us, we may be afraid.
We may think we are going to lose that person because we are unworthy; we may turn against ourselves and then against our love.

But as we come to believe in ourselves and discover humility through our new understanding, we can acknowledge our need for advice and helpful criticism.

We don’t have to be afraid of another’s opinion. Criticism, lovingly offered, can help us see things in a new way.
Love doesn’t have to be blind; it can be clear-sighted, honest, and sincere.

Say with me:

I am learning to accept myself as I am, and I can take criticism from those who know me and love me.

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