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Before you feel depress..

Visions for those too tired to sleep.
These seeds cast a film over eyes which weep.
Amy Lowell

Many of us struggled with depression during out lives.
Many of us have also felt shame when we were depressed, as if we were lazy or weren’t trying hard enough.

But that isn’t true. The cause of depression are complex, and those of us who suffer from it owe it to ourselves to keep searching for relief.
As we decide to change, we need to put all our energy into our new lives. The hopelessness, self-blame, and apathy of depression can paralyzing and even life-threatening.
Today we learn when we need to eliminate stress, depression is a burden we don’t have to carry.

Whether our feelings are a result of external circumstances or our body’s chemistry, we can take good care of ourselves.
We can feel our anger and sadness. We can seek professional help if necessary.
Changing our lifestyle doesn’t mean an end to suffering. But it’s new journey to start with hope.
We have good reason to hope we will feel joy again.

Say with me:
In my God’s compassion for my suffering, I find strength and consolation.

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