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How to love yourself?

The search for new personality is futile; what is fruitful is the human interest old personality can take in new activities.
Cesar Tavese

Complete these sentences:

For fun, I like to: ___________________________.

My favorite color is: ___________________________.

Five good things about me are: ___________________________.

Hard, isn’t it? It’s usually easier to come up with five awful things about ourselves. Yet, knowing who are and being able to state it is a good exercise in self-esteem. It feels good to be able to make positive statements about ourselves. We get a new sense of our identity, especially when we take the risk of telling someone else about ourselves. It’s the small things, our preferences and idiosyncrasies, that add color and substance to our personalities.

The longer we’re in recovery, the more we enjoy our unique combination of qualities. We can start by affirming them to ourselves often. We can focus on ourselves, not in grandiosity or self-centered ways, but lovingly. Getting to know ourselves in an adventure, one we can enjoy each day.


Say with me:
I am unique. There is only one person like. I am worthwhile, competent, and lovable.

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