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The power of education

A child miseducated is a child lost.
John F. Kennedy

So much money is spend on bombs and missiles and so little on education.
With so many children still in crowded classrooms and old building, with ill-trained and ill-paid teachers, it seems easier for us to destroy life than to nature and strengthen it.

What was it like for us as children? “Education” means leading out from away from ignorance, defenselessness, anxiety, and fear.
Were we educated in this sense, or were we neglected or even abused?

Childhood especially should be a time of growth and hope.
When memories of childhood are tarnished, bitterness and resentment follow, and these in turn can lead to erratic or addictive behavior.
Most of us know what it was like to be pushed away, exploited, or abused. We hated it and it made us distrustful and angry.

Now, we are learning to feel the power of “education as we learn to leave behind the ignorance, fear, and pain of our childhood.
We come to feel the joy of nurturing ourselves and caring deeply for those around us.

Say with me:
I want to be concerned with education as a way of overcoming ignorance, mistrust, isolation, and fear.


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