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The power of addiction

When the fight begins within himself
A man’s worth something.
Robert Browning

Addiction is powerful disease that knows the stuffing out of us.

When our lives are controlled by it, by our obsession’s and compulsions about it, we don’t seem to have much energy or courage, or hope left for the rest of life. We are driven back into ourselves and lack the energy to come out and participate in life.

This is power of addiction. Many of us spent hours seeking opportunities to smoke that one Cigarette or watch the next video or eat the piece of chocolate.

Just to get lost in our fantasies. We fought and fought these desires, but we eventually tired.
We may have even wanted to stop struggling against our addiction and let it take us over and ruin our lives.

Getting into a program is the recognition that we mean to put up a fight on different terms. We are tired of being sick and tired; we need a new power base.
Looking around, we see men and women on the move, actively choosing to turn their struggle with their addiction over to their Higher Power. We join them and feel our energies renewed and we see hope along the open road.

Say with me:
I’m tired of being defeated by my addiction. I want to join with others in turning over the struggle and be free.

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